Flexible payments = happier patients and more dollars collected

The care is complete.  Now its time to collect payment.  What payment options do you provide your patients. Will your patients be able to cover their high deductible once insurance is adjudicated.

Presidio Payment and Financial Services offers a single place to come for all of your payment needs.  Presidio offers the following:

Merchant accounts
Credit card processing
eCheck processing

Understanding merchant fees for credit card transactions can be overwhelming.  You may be lured by promises of a low discount rate.  Don't be fooled. Those low discount rates come with passthrough charges that can significantly inflate the percentage you pay for credit card transactions.  Your 1.8% rate may quickly grow to 2.9% or more.


Presidio is here to remove any confusion. Presidio charges a simple, single rate for credit card transactions. You will never pay passthrough surcharges for credit card transactions.  Effective rates start at 2.6%*

Coming Soon

Presidio is constantly working to bring you additional payment products that will help your patients pay their healthcare bills and allow you to collect what is owed from patients.

Payment Plans

Provide your patients with a payment that can be easily administered in order to help them pay their healthcare bills.  Payment plans can be initiated by a simple swipe of a credit card or the entry of bank account information.

Healthcare Loans

Presidio will be providing healthcare loans to patients in order to help them pay their healthcare bills.  Healthcare providers will be able to choose which loan products to offer.  For example, 6 months same-as-cash, 12 months same-as-cash, etc.  Patients will be able to easily apply at the point of service or over the web.


* Effective credit card rates are for qualified, swiped credit card transactions for Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Card-not-present transactions are charged at slightly higher rates.  American Express merchant fees are charged directly by American Express.