we deliver the magic of great customer service

When patients have many choices for their emergency healthcare decisions, we help you deliver an exceptional customer experience that creates loyal and happy return customers. 


Simple and seamless customer service is your #1 driver for solid, consistent revenues




Patient happiness starts with a simple swipe

Your front desk registration process is the first touch point for every valuable customer. The last experience anyone wants in the ER is being handed a clipboard with pages of questions, especially when not feeling well.  With Presidio's desktop registration system, exceptional patient care starts with a quick swipe of a drivers license or other ID.  This simple swipe will launch the registration of a new patient by filling in basic demographic details, or identify a returning patient and defaulting data from a previous visit.

And the rest is automated

Once your patient clinical care experience is underway, we automatically run insurance eligibility and benefits verification in order to ensure that you will collect the right copay for their visit. Next, we deploy advanced identity and fraud detection software to verify your new patient's identity and address credentials so that your billing team has the best data for billing and collections.



ACHIEVE exceptional service with really simple payments

We know that only 25% of consumers pay their emergency visit bills once they leave the ER facility.  We make it easy for you to get paid at the time of service while making the payment process a pleasure for your customer. By the time your patient is ready for discharge, we can tell you how much they can reasonably pay today, offer a menu of simple payment options (credit card, eCheck, cash) and soon will also offer customized and convenient payment plans and loan services for unexpected or more expensive services.


we deliver exceptional revenues with our advanced coding technology

Are you billing for everything that is owed you?  Are you sure your coding company is finding all of the revenues hidden in the clinical documentation? Is your coding company ready for ICD10?  Will they keep up?

"triple check" coding softWare and service

Presidio's advanced computer assisted coding platform uses advanced data analysis and natural language processing to "read" your clinical documentation in order to make sure we capture everything for professional coding review. It then performs automated quality audits on every chart to verify that every service item is captured and billed. Finally, we validate every service appropriate code, every modifier, every ICD9 and ICD10 diagnosis in order to ensure accurate billing and optimal denial management. Triple check quality means optimal revenues for your ER and accurate bills for your patients.

the best free standing coding team at your service

Presidio is ICD10 ready and employs only the best ICD9 and ICD10 coders.   All of our coders must be certified and pass a rigorous test before being able to code for Presidio.  Our team is hand selected and individually           trained in order to provide superior service. We use only US based coding professionals and do not off-shore any coding services in order to ensure that your data is protected and secure.



digital delivery to preferred billing providers

We know that manual data entry is fraught with errors, which lead to delays in getting you paid.  You deserve exceptional revenues without the hassle of spreadsheets, denials and payment delays.

Our automated platform eliminates human errors by digitally delivering your valuable codes to our select billing vendor partners for fast and accurate processing. Your payers will be electronically billed within 24 hours of coding being completed. Enjoy fast, accurate and reliable payments for your hard work. 


What does this all cost?

All Presidio Free Standing ER customers have access to all Presidio technologies.  We encourage its use as it makes for happier patients and a more efficient workflow. Your FSER bundle could include the following services:

  • Registration software for simple and accurate registration
  • Automated insurance eligibility
  • Automated identity and propensity-to-pay analysis*
  • eForms for paperless registration
  • Access to simple payment services*
  • Professional computer assisted coding
  • Automated integration of billing file with select billing vendors
  • Online payment widget for your website
  • Pre-registration widget for your website

If you choose to work with one of our preferred billing vendors, all of this is included in one low billing rate.

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additional fees apply for these optional services