Paperless registration

Patients hate filling out paper-based registration forms. Presidio's eForms software allows registrars to select from a library of electronic forms for the patient to review and sign on a tablet.  The forms are filled out by data collected during the registration process and presented on a tablet for the patient to sign with a finger.  

You can put your own logo on each form, insert witness, nurse and physician signatures.

For a small fee, Presidio will take your forms and create electronic versions compatible with Presidio's eForms product.  Alternatively, choose from a library of forms Presidio has create for your use.






Discharge is now a breeze

If your EMR is capable of creating PDF-based discharge instructions, Presidio can automatically integrate them into the Presidio eForms product for the patient to review and sign.  Discharge instructions can then be printed with a signature and/or emailed to the patient using secure email.

See how happy you can make your patients by not making them fill out those pesky paper forms!